Ultra-portable lightweight target stand


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Target stands printed in PLA, only weights about 5 oz each(excluding nails). Fix them to the ground with included 6″ 60D nails and stick a 1×2 wooden stick (not included) into it for stapling targets on.

These target stands are much lighter and take up much less space than H-shaped ones made from 2×4 or welded steel. They are sold as a set of 6, with 12 nails included in the package. These target stands comes in the usual 90∘ and a “behind cover” 60∘ configuration. You can mix and match different configurations in a set of 6. For example, 4×90∘ ones and 2×60∘ ones. Just leave a note when you order or send me an email. They work fine for the usual USPSA targets but you can use 2 of the 90∘ stands to accommodate wider targets as shown in the picture.


90∘, 60∘


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