CZ 75 TSO/TS 2/TS 2 RACING GREEN/CZECHMATE charging handle


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Made in USA with American raw material. (Filamatrix Tough PLA)

It is compatible with CZ 75 TSO, TS 2, TS 2 RACING GREEN, and CZECHMATE. Probably not compatible with Shadow 2. It is a great addition if you want to compete in open class or just want to have fun in the range. It is difficult to chamber a round or clear malfunction with a frame mounted red dot because of its bulk and the CZ 75’s already very slim slide. This charging handle for CZ TSO can greatly help. Racking the slide will be much faster and easier.

This slide racker has 2 configrations: Right hand is the same as what is shown in my pictures. Left hand is the mirror of it. The charging handle is reinforced with 1/8″ thick 6061 aluminum rod. It is fixed tight to the rear dovetail by a locking bolt. $10 for 2 and it will ship for free via First class mail.

Download link here if you want to print one yourself.



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Right hand, Left hand


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