Chiappa Rhino competition grip


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Chiappa Rhino competition grips in straight or curved style. MADE IN USA WITH AMERICAN RAW MATERIAL.

Both of them are large enough to achieve a comfortable two handed grip. These grips also features large palm rest and an aggressive texture. Printed with TPU or PLA+.
Reuse the M5 grip screw came with your revolver when installing; but put the included M5 washer before screwing it in.

09/20/2023 Update: All TPU curved grips are sold and discontinued. It has been replaced by PLA+ curved grip 2.0. The new grip removed the from palm support in the front to provide a better 2-handed grip. It is also filled with lead shots to increase weight for a better balance.

Included in package: A grip of your choosing, a M5 washer. Obviously the revolver in picture is not included.


Download it here if you want to print it yourself.

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Straight, Curved 2.0


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