Universal Long Gun Wall Mount


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Vertical and Horizontal wall mount for your long guns. Made in USA with American raw material.

Current wall mounts on the market can be categorized in the following 3 types:
1. Universal but only fits traditional hunting rifle and shotguns;
2. Only fits AR-15;
3. Universal but requires proprietary mounting base fastened to your wall, such as peg board, ModWall, slot wall panel, etc.

My design is Compatible with almost all shoulder fired small arms in the world (excluding crew served weapon). Personally I have tried AK-47\74, AR-15, M1 Garand, Hakim, FS-2000, MDRX, TS-12, L85(airsoft), UMP(airsoft) and SCAR 17S. They all fit.
It also requires no special wall panel. You can fasten these mounts with the included Torx-25 #9 wood screws. You can also download it here.

It is the customer’s responsibility to properly secure the mounts to whatever surface of your choosing. For example, fasten it to a stud if the mounting surface is a drywall; or use fastener anchor when mounting to brick/concrete.


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