GEN 2 HAVOC 12 inch 37MM launcher Stand alone stock adaptor full kit


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Stand alone stock adapter for 12 inch barrel HAVOC 37mm launcher. Now available in full kit. MADE IN USA WITH AMERICAN FILAMENT. (Filamatrix tough PLA)
Assemble video:
Includes 2 sections of rail, stock adapter and necessary mounting hardware as well as a G36 folding stock and A2 pistol grip.
This is the plug-n-play version. No any other item needs to be purchased to make your under slung launcher into a standalone one.
For people who already have a 3D printer, you can print one yourself. The STL is available on LBRY(odyssey). Here is the link:

Use my M5 bolt if you want to use another AR pistol grip. Don’t use the bolt included with the grip. This version only fits the 12 inch barrel launcher for now.

Included parts list: 2× rail 2.0, 1× stock adapter, 2× 3/4″ 1/4-20 set screws, 3× M5 nuts, 1×M5×30 bolt, 1×M5×35 bolt, 1× M5×70 bolt, and 1× M5 washer, AR-15 pistol grip, and G36 stock.
NOT included parts list: Launcher itself.
This Gen 2 Havoc 37mm launcher stock adapter will turn your rail mounted signaling device into an standalone unit. No more dead weight on your rifle if you are using the launcher infrequently.
The upper rail can be fitted with a 37mm launcher specific sight to aim for better accuracy.
Gen 2 uses a pair of longer set screws to fasten the launcher into the corresponding brass inserts in the rails. This method improves the mounting strength when compared against the Gen 1 rail, which uses the factory set screws to push the launcher against the rail.
Comparable product from competitor is almost 3 times more expansive and usually out of stock.
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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 3 × 5 in


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