37MM fin stabilized front-loading payload projectile


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3D printed 37MM projectiles designed to use with payload, smoke or flare. Regular PLA material. Compatible with almost all commercial hulls.

There are 2 sizes, 3.5″ and 5″. Sold as sets of 10 with random color (likely black). 4mm fuse hole in the middle to accommodate most mainstream fuses. 25% discount if you buy more than 5 sets with coupon code “BULKPROJECTILE”.

Top loading design. You can load the lifting charge, fuse, and base plate at your home then load the payload at the shooting range. Screw on top cap ensures the payload is securely hold inside the projectile. It also has a 11.6mm hole for you to set a .450 (45 ACP) projectile inside as counterweight to achieve better stability. The weighted top cap and the fin will make the projectile fly like a badminton ball.

Package contains: base plate, projectile body, top cap of 10 each. Counterweights and the aluminum hulls are not included.


3.5", 5"


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