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3D printed SMG magazine pouch that fits the majority of double stack magazines on the market now. MADE IN USA WITH AMERICAN FILAMENT (ZYLTech PLA).
Available in cloth loop or laser cut molle, 1.5″ gun belt, and competition belt version. Available in single or double decker.

Some Colors shown in picture are from my old prototypes. They may not be available for order. Firearm in picture is for demonstration only, not included obviously.


These SMG Mag Pouches have a wide compatibility range.

Taco type magazine pouch don’t have retention flapper on the top, it is much faster to access your magazines.

Adjustable tension via paracord.

Multiple mounting options.

Much cheaper than other US made SMG magazine pouches from competitors.

Tested magazines:
9mm – MP5, B&T, Sten, Uzi (airsoft), Glock extended, Sig MPX
.45 – Vector (extended glock magazine), UMP (airsoft), Grease gun

Single decker can fit 1 UMP 45 magazine but double decker cannot fit 2 of them. Sig MPX magazines are also very tight for the double decker. I don’t recommend using this magazine pouch with old SMG such as Sten or Grease gun because the half-moon shaped over insertion stop on their magazines will rip-off the anti-slip tape inside the magazine pouch. These old magazines fit but will cause damage to magazine pouch.

File is here if you want to print it yourself. Video demonstration here.


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Attachment method

1.5" gun belt, Cloth loop molle, Competition belt, Laser cut molle


Double decker, Single Decker




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